Conflicts in Product Development

Google achieved a lot and is quite success in terms of its stock price.  But I guess it can do better if it has a better governance over product development.

Google Play has just extended its services for book, and probably will cover magazine soon, but leaving Google Books beyond.

Google Drive is out there, trying to offer customer online storage services like dropbox or Apple iCloud.  However, it take so long to integrate with other products, like Docs, Picasa …

Google has experienced magnificent evolution since the very first days.   It stayed rather focus in the early days, where “Search” is the primary user-facing products, while “Ad-network” is its revenue generator.

We’ve seen a lot of innovations after that, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Docs, Android, Google Glass, and more …   Apparently, not every product succeeds.   To name a few : Google Reader, Google Waves …   These are natural consequences of an giant company, which keeps staying innovate.  However, Google could help keeping their customers from confusion and frustration if it avoids one product stepping on another.  A better product development life cycle management process is essential to help :

  • Parallel development
  • Synergy identification
  • Transition / demise planning
  • Branding and marketing

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