What you should do if you want to Jailbreak your iPhone ?

Step 0 – Preparation

There are many jailbreak tools / step-by-step guide over the internet. And “Blackra1n” is claimed to be the most simplest one. The latest version may be used for both jailbreak and unlock your device.

Besides take up these, you probably need a decent FTP client on the desktop that support file transfer over SSH. For Windows user, WinSCP is a very good choice.

Don’t forget to backup everything on your device before running Blackra1n. From my experience, you don’t need to restore to the factory settings before jailbreak, which preserve most of the existing stuffs, including contacts, photos and videos .. etc.

Step 1 – Jailbreak

Since Blackra1n is so simple and there are many places you can found the instruction. So, try google it. Or take a look for this blog posts. Note that there are reported case that Icy doesn’t not work well with Blackra1n.

Step 2 – Post Jailbreak Tasks

The first thing you need to do after jailbreak may be to verify if anything missing. Or else, goto install Cydia directly. With Cydia, you are able to enjoy the unleashed power of your iPhone.

Here are some must-have applications to download :

Safari Download Plugin (or download Safari Download Manager via Appcake / Installous).

And before dive deep into the JB world, you should take care of the security control properly. At least reset those default shell a/c, including root and mobile. Details instruction can be found here.

Step 3 – Fix a few things …

Note that Blackra1n does not come with afc2  .. mmm, which means you can’t use most file browser client, e.g. DiskAid, iPhoneBrowser … etc.  Follow the instruction here to fix it.

You need to get familiar yourself with the file system structure.  At least remember a few file paths, e.g.




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