Mobile Internet … now Covers the Sky

The development of wireless access to internet is hot. We got various Wifi technology (a/b/g … n) , 3G, HDPSA and even WiMax. And we even have some companies biding for the wave spectrum to support access in air.

On the other hand, we have plenties fancy handheld gadget released every months, Sony UX-50, Samsung Q1 Asus Eee PC. The temperature is even higher when Apple is joining the mobile phone market. You know what, the 3G enabled iPhone will be released in 2008. Besides, the internet giant Google also took several moves this year: (1) announce Android with tens of major telecoms / phone manufacturer; (2) bid for wireless spectrum in US; (3) various enhancement released for its unique Google Map platform.

When all these joined up, people’s life will change sooner that what we can imagine. What we can do in front the computer today, someone may do anytime / anywhere with the handheld gadget soon. The first move, is the email communicaton with BlackBerry (years ago), then, TV entertainment. And what’s next ?

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