Unlock DataStage Object

Just find a useful thread in IBM’s forum : How to unlock a job accessed by another user.  

Removing locks when you receive the error:…Cannot get exclusive access …

1. Login to DataStage Administrator as an administrative user.
2. Go to the Command Prompt for that Project.
3. Look at the locks by executing:


4. The last column is the item id. Look for item id’s like:


This is the record you will want to unlock. Now you can note the inode or user no, whichever uniquely identifies the record.

5. The unlock command is not available by default in the projects. To create an entry to use unlock execute the following two commands:


Note: This only needs to be done the first time in each project.

6. To unlock by either INODE or User No use the commands:

UNLOCK INODE inodenumber ALL
UNLOCK USER usernumber ALL

Another approach :

1. telnet to DS server machine as ds administrative account (dsadm or root for example);
2. cd to $DSHOME;
3. source dsenv by “. ./dsenv”; (read as dot_space_dot_dsenv)
4. run “bin/uvsh” to enter TCL prompt;
5. run “>LIST.READU EVERY”, are you able to find any lock for the project under Active Record Locks? If yes, mark down the Userno for the command below;
6 run “>UNLOCK USER userno ALL”;
7. run “>LIST.READU EVERY” again to verify the lock for the user is gone;
8. repeat step 6 and 7 until all locks for the project is clear;
9. run “>LO” to exit TCL prompt.
10. try login to the project again.


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5 Responses

  1. Vanessa says:

    Many thanks! it really works..
    More power

  2. Ram says:

    Thanks alot… it was the need of the hour

  3. VM says:

    Thanks a Lot.Works well with Datastage Windows Version

  4. HA says:

    thanks a lot.. it really works :)

  5. viv says:

    It was the best explaniation I have seen.Bingo :-)

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