Problem about Digg a-like service

I just read the following from VentureBeat :

Wired nails Digg — Wired has published a piece explaining how a reporter paid Diggers to get a pretty lame, poorly written blog post featured prominently on Digg. They did it using a service called User/Submitter. The eye-opening piece tells how the phony blog was — surprisingly — voted for even by people who weren’t paid (because those who digg early on stories that turn popular become more “reputable” in the Digg system, and so Diggers blindly digg away without taking time to read them). One commenter wondered: “How the hell did this get to the front page?” Of course, the parent of Wired, you’ll recall, is Conde Nast, which owns a competitor to Digg, called Reddit. This is particular harmful for Digg, because its management has said gaming can’t happen.

I can imagine that similar problem could only go even worse in mainland China. When user generated content, the most inspired drive behind Web2.0, has been corrupted, will all these still work??!!! And is there anything we can do to stop these happending ??!!


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  1. It is impossible to get on the front page at digg
    just by writing a good blog.
    thats why i created

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