Web2.0 – Dead or alive ?

It is around a year after the hip of web2.0.  Numerous startups has funded worldwide, but too few concepts.  Many niche player in the market, with a few dominator.  It seems that it has reached the tipping point that many many heard web2.0 / blog / wiki by different channels.  But what’s happen when it passed this particular moment.

In Hongkong, the blogosphere goes quiet.  Forum / newsgroup stills retents its presence.  So, is it dead or still alive? and when those buzzwords don’t work, what will happen?


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2 Responses

  1. Belle Liu says:

    There may be just a few web2.0 startups in Hong Kong right now, but I’m sure at least a few dozens are currently in the make and shall surface within this year. It’s a good sign that it’s not longer “hype” in the local blogosphere because talking is pretty useless. Anything takes time to build.

  2. idpt0000 says:

    Yes, it takes times to build something useful.

    But time to market is another essential element in business consideration. A service that launched earlier would certainly earn better market share, given that similar quality of service is provided.

    Any idea for those web2.0 startups in HK? I just know about … any more example ?

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