Amazon – wanna to be tech-giant ?

Amazon has a few move in tech service offering, which including :

  1. Mechanical Turk
  2. S3 – Simple Storage Service
  3. SQS – SImple Queue Service
  4. EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud

I doubt if any tech companies offer the same coverage of services, from storage, computing power, message queue (or application intergation) to AI tasks processing platform. All these services are innovative, some in the tech involved, some for the cost saving. If Amazon keeps its pace with these technology business growth. One day, or sooner, it may be one of the tech giant.

Certainly, in the very beginning, the major customers of these services are those new startup or non IT companies in small size.  How long will it take to raise the level of reliability for these services to a level that capable for large enterprise solution, e.g. financial institution.  SAP has offered hosted services for its own system.  Maybe, one day, companies will not buy their own machine . . .


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