Software Evaluation

It is advocated that “buy-in” may be better than “built-in”.  There are many many reasons.  One of them is the handy available choices in the market.  But as far as there are choices, someone, you or your supervisor, has to make decision. This article from DMReview lead you through the evaluation process.

In summary, there are somethings you have to prepare by your own :

  1. Business Driver – e.g. saving in human resource in particlar areas, improved productivity …etc.
  2. Project Objective – e.g. target deliverable, target cost, and the priority of all these parameters …etc.

Something, you may obtain from the vendor :

  1. Architecutre – you need to know how the tool interactive with other tools ….
  2. Performance benchmark – please be aware that those information from vendor may not neccessarily reflect the truth, but better than nothing ….
  3. Funcationaliy – you have to sort out which is critical to you project ….

Sample table form you better to include in the evaluation report :

  1. Requirement Specification

  2. Evaluation Matrix

To complete the evaluation report, you also need the following :

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background
  3. Business Drivers
  4. Project Objectives
  5. Approach
  6. Recommendation
  7. Implementation Timeline
  8. Multi-Year Acquisition Plan
  9. Vendor Evaluation Matrix

The original article talks about the evaluation for ETL tools, but the ideas do apply to many other areas. 


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