Master Degree?

I am looking for ways to step forwards in my career.  Apart from professional qualification like (e.g. PMP, FRM, AHKIB ..). I would like to obtain a master degree in near future.  I am interested in Credit Risk, Financial Analysis and Information Technology, and all these are closely related to my existing job.  Related courses from 3 major universities in HK are listed below.  And I dun’t know which one suits me the best ……… Any idea?


  1. MSc IS Management
  2. MBA Program
  3. Part-time MBA Program
  4. MSc Financial Analysis / MSc Investment Management
  5. MScISM Program
  6. MSc in Engineering Enterprise Management
  7. MSc in Information Technology


  1. MSc Finance
  2. MSc Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
  3. MSc in Computer Science (Part-time)
  4. MSc Info Eng
  5. MSc Info Tech Management
  6. MSc E-Business Management


  1. MSc Computer Science
  2. MBA
  3. MFin
  4. PKKI – Diploma in Risk Management
  5. PKKI – Graduate Diploma in Financial Analysis

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