Wiki in Companies

Wiki is trying to enter the business world.  Many companies are creating their wiki for internal communication (while RSS feed is hot for PR / marketing …).  However, one of the obstacle is the Wiki syntax, which is originally designed to replace HTML with (supposed to be) more simple code. 

What's wrong with Wiki Syntax

  • Incompatibility – Different wiki implementation supports slightly different syntax, and the little gap hurts the portability.
  • Training – Though Wiki is siimple, additional training cost is not preferred in most business.  Especially, most manager can't see the benefit afterwards.  As oposed to Wikipeida, people are willing to learn the syntax, otherwise, they can just leave it.


  • HTML – Though, it sounds dummy.  Using HTML with WYSIWYG may helps resolve the problem (or introduce more).
  • Use commerical product like jotspot, writely, writeboard, confluence which provide better support and documentation.

Or is there any other option ?

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It seems that it is possible to use HTML WYSIWYG + HTML to Wiki Convertor.  Besides, I found there are still options available, e.g. Wikiwyg.  See more in WYSIWYG_editor on MediaWiki


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