Watch Design

Watch Design

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T-Shirt Design

T-Shirt Design

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T-shirt Template … Task Done !

T-shirt Template ... Task Done !

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New start …

Having a new job since early this year.  It is a entire new experience to me.  No longer an IT guy any more.  But I always tell others that deep inside within, it is still the same humble programmer, tech guru.  May be one day, I will be back to IT house again.  But I believe, by then, I will be better equipped with business knowledge, softskills and people network.  Or even more extreme, having my own startup / entrepreneur …..

“Future”, you would never know …

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Marketing via Social Media

Great opportunities for new start-up !!

Social Media start to lower the entry requirement for all types of businesses …

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Conflicts in Product Development

Google achieved a lot and is quite success in terms of its stock price.  But I guess it can do better if it has a better governance over product development.

Google Play has just extended its services for book, and probably will cover magazine soon, but leaving Google Books beyond.

Google Drive is out there, trying to offer customer online storage services like dropbox or Apple iCloud.  However, it take so long to integrate with other products, like Docs, Picasa …

Google has experienced magnificent evolution since the very first days.   It stayed rather focus in the early days, where “Search” is the primary user-facing products, while “Ad-network” is its revenue generator.

We’ve seen a lot of innovations after that, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Docs, Android, Google Glass, and more …   Apparently, not every product succeeds.   To name a few : Google Reader, Google Waves …   These are natural consequences of an giant company, which keeps staying innovate.  However, Google could help keeping their customers from confusion and frustration if it avoids one product stepping on another.  A better product development life cycle management process is essential to help :

  • Parallel development
  • Synergy identification
  • Transition / demise planning
  • Branding and marketing

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Big Data

Someone said that “it’s not an IT conference, if Big Data is not mentioned” ….

I guess no one can avoid this buzzing word, which has been reported to the general public in TV & newspaper.  This sounds so familiar back to 2000, just before the internet bubble bursted.

I am not criticizing the (relatively) new branch of technologies.  Instead, I have strong belief into such innovative analytic capabilities, which bring text mining (over email / social media …), sentiment analysis, dynamic behavioural modelling and many others to the business.  However, most of the companies (particularly in Asia) are not yet ready to be benefit from all these.   Before a practical implementation infrastructure is established for wider use, these technologies will stay in the labs or those high-tech companies.  Or a whole bunch of cash will be burnt into ashes, at the wish of the marketers.

In my own opinion, “Big Data” is disruptive, to both IT and business.  New skills and processes are required.  New mindset for those top management is essential.  You can park the new tools aside to the traditional data warehouse / datamart, and wish it works over night.  Companies should consider to create new teams away from the existing one to pilot the new innovation.  And start with some internal problems, such as efficiency optimization prior to the revenue generating processes.  This may help creating a huge battlefield inside the company.

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DataStage Forum (Revisited)

I found that one of the most popular post here is the one recommending datastage resource years ago. It’s time to add the latest information. Apart from DSXchange, you should also check out the following sites :

And just in case you’re also working on Cognos, these may be helpful as well :

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中國萬歲 !

我們偉大的祖國一直都大力 “打撀” 資本主義社會,尤其對好萊塢的流行產物,諸如電影呀,mp3 呀 . . .  等等一直都豪不留手,以低成本的 “老翻”,直接削弱這一類公司的收入,效困非常顯著。近日愛國企業 “百度” 更推出了高清視頻網站 “奇藝“,提供即時 streaming video 以抗衡國外 HD VOD 的網站,例如 Hulu, Netflix 等等。總之,咱們背靠祖國的香港人有福了 . . .

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一直有用 gmail 的 filter 去過濾 junk mail ,包括果 d 廣告電郵。當中有 d 真係幾耐人尋味。話說當年我用了某某婚禮場館既服務,原來它一直都有寄來唔同與結婚相闗的廣告。奇就奇在 . . . 咁我都結左婚啦,重寄呢 d 野有乜鬼用呢 ?

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